• Barcodes

    Request barcodes in real time for payments in retail stores.
  • Processing

    Leverage our rules based processing platform or become a processor yourself.
  • Notifications

    See transaction info in real time, and freely export to CSV or other formats.


Implementing barcodes into your mobile application or other software is a snap with our RESTful API. Either pull them one by one or in bulk and associate them with a specific transaction or customer on your end.


Process retail cash payments
with Cashtie and offer cash payments
to your customers

Bill pay aggregators, payment gateways, invoicing systems, ecommerce solutions and other services can use Cashtie as a Processor authorizing transactions in real-time.


With Cashtie’s APIs and webhooks, creating and storing payment expiration dates or even implementing complex rules functionality like recurrent payments is easy.

Real time payment validation (at POS)


Get real-time transaction information via Cashtie webhooks and our processor integration. Alternatively, take advantage of our reporting engine to create batch files in a format compatible with your legacy systems.

And much, much more

Enable cash payments anywhere with a few lines of codes and the Cashtie API.

"The world needs dreamers and the world needs doers.
But above all, the world needs dreamers who do."
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